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Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing

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GZSULOVV No extra time in the pits GANKXZYA Only need 3 laps in South Africa instead of 6 GANKUZYA Only need 3 laps in Mexico instead of 6 GANKKZTA Only need 3 laps in Brazil instead of 5 GANKSZIA Only need 3 laps in Spain instead of 4 GANKVZYA Only need 3 laps in San Marino instead of 6 GANKNZTA Only need 3 laps in Monaco instead of 5 GEEGEZYA Only need 3 laps in Canada instead of 6 GEEGOZIA Only need 3 laps in France instead of 4 GEEGXZTA Only need 3 laps in Great Britian instead of 5 GEEGUZTA Only need 3 laps in Germany instead of 5 GEEGKZTA Only need 3 laps in Hungary instead of 5 GEEGSZTA Only need 3 laps in Belgium instead of 5 GEEGVZYA Only need 3 laps in Italy instead of 6 GEEGNZIA Only need 3 laps in Portugal instead of 4 GEEKEZTA Only need 3 laps in Japan instead of 5 GEEKOZTA Only need 3 laps in Australia instead of 5 AEEKXAAO Start with 1/2 normal tire tread SZSTLEVK Less tire wear PEOXOZAP Full season ends after South Africa ZEOXOZAP Full season ends after Mexico LEOXOZAP Full season ends after Brazil GEOXOZAP Full season ends after Spain IEOXOZAP Full season ends after San Marino TEOXOZAP Full season ends after Monaco YEOXOZAP Full season ends after Canada AEOXOZAO Full season ends after France PEOXOZAO Full season ends after Great Britian ZEOXOZAO Full season ends after Germany LEOXOZAO Full season ends after Hungary GEOXOZAO Full season ends after Belgium IEOXOZAO Full season ends after Italy TEOXOZAO Full season ends after Portugal YEOXOZAO Full season ends after Japan IVSNIOIN Accelerate faster IVSNIOIN + AAKNALGE Accelerate a lot faster ZANKXZYA + SXNKSESU Only need 1 lap on all tracks SZSTLEVK + SZNNXEVK Almost no tire wear

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