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Snake's Revenge

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AXXVGYAG Start with half bullets for Beretta M92 EEXVGYAG Start with double bullets for Beretta M92 SZEEOUSE Infinite Beretta ammo SXOASKSE Infinite Shotgun ammo SZKAKKSE Infinite Grenades SXVEOKSE Infinite Missiles XTNTZVEE Infinite ammo for all weapons SXKVKASA Infinite energy AEUVOAYA Reduce your injuries by up to 50% XVUYTUZE + XTKZXKZE Play with less energy ZEOVAYPA + XKXVTYEG Start with Machine Gun instead of Beretta GEOVAYPA + KKXVTYEG Start with Shotgun instead of Beretta AXOVAYPA + VKXVTYEG Start with Grenades instead of Beretta EEOVAYPA + EKXVTYEK Start with Missiles instead of Beretta

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