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Books: Nintendo Games Secrets - The Best of How to Win at Nintendo Games
GZNGNLSP Keep weapons after death PAXKPGLA Start with 1 life TAXKPGLA Start with 6 lives PAXKPGLE Start with 9 lives OZVKKLVS Infinite lives YGNGAKTL + PAVKTGAP Start with Dual Cannons YGNGAKTL + ZAVKTGAP Start with Laser YGNGAKTL + GAVKTGAP Start with Shoot Right YGNGAKTL + AAVKTGAO Start with Shoot Left YGNGAKTL + APVKTGAP Start with Five Direction Firing YGNGAKTL + AZVKTGAP Start with Three Direction Firing YGNGAKTL + AGVKTGAP Start with Force field For the last five codes, you must wait for the "demonstration game" to start by itself before pressing "Start. The display will read "Stage 1," but each code does warp you to the correct stage GZOGIGSA + PAEGPLPA Start at stage 2 GZOGIGSA + ZAEGPLPA Start at stage 3 GZOGIGSA + LAEGPLPA Start at stage 4 GZOGIGSA + GAEGPLPA Start at stage 5 GZOGIGSA + IAEGPLPA Start at stage 6

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