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T & C Surf 2: Thrilla's Safari

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PAXEPPLA Start with 1 life IAXEPPLA Start with 5 lives YAXEPPLA Start with 7 lives PAXEPPLE Start with 9 lives OPXEPPLE Strat with mega lives OXEVIIVV Can't collect coconuts IAUALPAA Start with 5 coconuts plus what you've collected in sub-game ZAUALPAE Start with 10 coconuts plus what you've collected in sub-game YAUALPAE Start with 15 coconuts plus what you've collected in sub-game OZSIZYVK Infinite lives PAXEIPZA Start with less health LAXEIPZA Start with a little more health GAXEIPZA Start with 2x health PAXEIPZE Start with a lot more health For thre rest of the codes, you can't advance to the next Level ZENUATIA + GENUZTKL Start on level 1-3 LENUATIA + GENUZTKL Start on level 1-4 GENUATIA + GENUZTKL Watch the level 2 Cinema TENUATIA + GENUZTKL Start on level 2-2 YENUATIA + GENUZTKL Start on level 2-3 AENUATIE + GENUZTKL Start on level 2-4

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