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Tecmo NBA Basketball

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SLVUPUVS Infinite timeouts AEOLVPPA 2-pt. shots worth 1, 3-pt. shots worth 2 ZEOLVPPA 2-pt. shots worth 3, 3-pt. shots worth 4 LEOLVPPA 2-pt. shots worth 4, 3-pt. shots worth 5 GEOLVPPA 2-pt. shots worth 5, 3-pt. shots worth 6 IEOLVPPA 2-pt. shots worth 6, 3-pt. shots worth 7 AVNUVOVT 3-pt. shots worth 2 pts. NYSENZYE 5-second violations become 10-second violations NYOPTNZE No 10-second violations ASOLSEAO Longer shot clock after getting ball on rebound AEOLSEAO Shorter shot clock after getting ball on rebound

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