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Bad News Baseball Blaster Master A Boy and his Blob Burger Time Castlevania Castlevania 3 Crystalis Deadly Towers Dig Dug 2 Dizzy Dr. Mario Dragon Warrior Dragon Warrior 2 Dragon Warrior 3 Dragon Warrior 4 Duck Tales Dungeon Magic Excite Bike Faxanadu Fester's Quest Final Fantasy Gauntlet Ice Hockey Karnov Kirby's Adventure Little Nemo the Dream Master Mega Man Mega Man 2 Mega Man 3 Mega Man 4 Metal Gear Metroid Ninja Gaiden Pinball Quest River City Ransom Star Tropics Star Tropics 2 Super Mario Brothers Super Spike V-Ball Super Sprint Super Mario Brothers 3 Tetris 2 Thexder Ultima: Exodus Ultima 4 Ultimate Air Combat Willow Wizardry 2 Wizards and Warriors 3 World Cup Soccer Wrestlemania Zelda 2: Adventure of Link More NES Game Genie codes

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