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Extra Innings

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DFBE-ADAD + DFBF-DF6F + DFB4-0FDF Game lasts 1 inning D4BE-ADAD + D4BF-DF6F + D4B4-0FDF Game lasts 2 innings D7BE-ADAD + D7BF-DF6F + D7B4-0FDF Game lasts 3 innings D0BE-ADAD + D0BF-DF6F + D0B4-0FDF Game lasts 4 innings D9BE-ADAD + D9BF-DF6F + D9B4-0FDF Game lasts 5 innings D5BE-ADAD + D5BF-DF6F + D5B4-0FDF Game lasts 7 innings DF67-DF07 + DD60-A4D7 1 strike and batter's out D467-DF07 + DF60-A4D7 2 strikes and batter's out C264-D767 + C260-A4A7 Batter never strikes out DF6A-DFA7 1 ball and batter walks D46A-DFA7 2 balls and batter walks D76A-DFA7 3 balls and batter walks C26A-DDD7 Batter never walks DF67-AD67 + DF61-D4A7 1 out per inning D467-AD67 + D461-D4A7 2 outs per inning

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