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MechWarrior 3050

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C295-5FAD Almost infinite ammo 1D9E-ED6D Almost invincible (Switch off to kill some enemies) CB6B-5464 + CB6B-5704 Coolant does nothing DC09-7998 Guass Rifle starts at 10 7409-7998 Guass Rifle starts at 50 1009-7998 Guass Rifle starts at 100 F009-7028 Arrow VI Missiles start at 20 7409-7028 Arrow VI Missiles start at 50 1009-7028 Arrow VI Missiles start at 100 DC00-7528 Particle Projection Cannon start at 10 7400-7528 Particle Projection Cannon start at 50 1000-7528 Particle Projection Cannon start at 100 DD00-79B8 + 1000-7998 Machine Gun starts at 100 D700-79B8 + 3600-7998 Machine Gun starts at 1000 4100-79B8 + FD00-7998 Machine Gun starts at 10,000 7400-7928 Auto Cannon starts at 50 1000-7928 Auto Cannon starts at 100 EC00-7928 Auto Cannon starts at 250 7400-7128 + DD00-75F8 Large Laser starts at 50 3600-7128 + D700-75F8 Large Laser starts at 1000 FD00-7128 + 4100-75F8 Large Laser starts at 10,000 DC00-7198 "Inferno" Short-Range Missiles start at 10 7400-7198 "Inferno" Short-Range Missiles start at 50 EC00-7198 "Inferno" Short-Range Missiles start at 250 F009-7098 "Maelstrom" Long-Range Missiles start at 20 1009-7098 "Maelstrom" Long-Range Missiles start at 100 EC09-7098 "Maelstrom" Long-Range Missiles start at 250 DC00-7598 "Thunder" Time-Delay Mines start at 10 1000-7598 "Thunder" Time-Delay Mines start at 100 EC00-7598 "Thunder" Time-Delay Mines start at 250

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