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DD63-DD04 Infinite credits DFA8-05E3 + DF2D-015A Start with 1 credit instead of 4 D4A8-05E3 + D42D-015A Start with 2 credits D7A8-05E3 + D72D-015A Start with 3 credits D9A8-05E3 + D92D-015A Start with 5 credits D5A8-05E3 + D52D-015A Start with 7 credits FDA8-05E3 + FD2D-015A Start with 10 credits D42F-007A + D4AA-01E3 Start on mission 2 D72F-007A + D7AA-01E3 Start on mission 3 D02F-007A + D0AA-01E3 Start on mission 4 D92F-007A + D9AA-01E3 Start on mission 5 D12F-007A + D1AA-01E3 Start on mission 6 D52F-007A + D5AA-01E3 Start on mission 7 D62F-007A + D6AA-01E3 Start on mission 8 D4A8-00E3 + D42D-008A Start with 2 strikefighters D7A8-00E3 + D72D-008A Start with 3 strikefighters D0A8-00E3 + D02D-008A Start with 4 strikefighters D1A8-00E3 + D12D-008A Start with 6 strikefighters FFA8-00E3 + FF2D-008A Start with 11 strikefighters 41A8-00E3 + 412D-008A Start with 26 strikefighters 9FA8-00E3 + 9F2D-008A Start with 51 strikefighters BCA8-00E3 + BC2D-008A Start with 100 strikefighters DFA8-00E3 + DF2D-008A Start with 1 strikefighter DD2A-64AF Infinite strikefighters 3C21-AD0F Armor cannot be damaged C229-D7A4 Once power-up has been obtained, it is not lost until you continue-- doesn't work for weapon, only power-ups 1D23-6D6F Power capsule has no effect on armor or power-up 9D23-6DAF + 6723-6FDF Power capsule restores armor to full strength

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