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7th Saga Actraiser Aladdin Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball Brain Lord Breath of Fire Breath of Fire 2 Bubsy Chrono Trigger Clayfighter Cool Spot CyberSpin Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong Country 2 Doom Dungeon Master Earthbound Earthworm Jim 2 Extra Innings Eye of the Beholder F-Zero Final Fantasy 2 Final Fantasy 3 Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Final Fight Harvest Moon Illusion of Gaia Inindo Way of the Ninja Killer Instinct Kirby's Dream Course Lagoon Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Lord of the Rings Lufia Lufia 2 Madden NFL '96 Maximum Carnage Mega Man 7 Mega Man X Mega Man X3 Might and Magic 3 Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat 2 Mortal Kombat 3 Ogre Battle Paladin's Quest PilotWings Pocky and Rocky Power Rangers PTO 2 RoboTrek Rock 'n' Roll Racing Samurai Shodown Saturday Night Slammasters Secret of Evermore Secret of Mana Secret of the Stars Shadow Run Soul Blazer Star Fox Street Fighter 2 Street Fighter 2 Turbo Street Fighter Alpha 2 Super Bases Loaded Super Bomberman 2 Super Empire Strikes Back Super Mario All-Stars Super Mario Kart Super Mario RPG Super Mario World Super Mario World 2 Super Metroid Super Off Road Super Paper Boy Super Tennis Tetris 2 Ultima 6 Uncharted Waters UniRacers Wanders from Ys 3 Wizardry 5 Wolverine: Adamantium Rage WWF Raw WWF Royal Rumble WWF Wrestlemania X-Men

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