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Heroes of Might and Magic

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
Last Updated: 4/14/01.

01FF80CB     Infinite Wood
01FF81CB     Infinite Mercury
01FF82CB     Infinite Ore
01FF83CB     Infinite Sulfur
01FF84CB     Infinite Crystal
01FF85CB     Infinite Gems

01??10CA     Day Modifier
01??11CA     Week Modifier
01??12CA     Month Modifier
01FF86CB     Infinite Money

Left Side In-Battle Codes

01FFECCA Max Units Slot 1 0100ECCA No Units Slot 1 01FFFACA Max Units Slot 2 0100FACA No Units Slot 2 01FF08CB Max Units Slot 3 010008CB No Units Slot 3 01FF16CB Max Units Slot 4 010016CB No Units Slot 4 01FF24CB Max Units Slot 5 010024CB No Units Slot 5

Right Side In-Battle Codes

01FF32CB Max Units Slot 1 010032CB No Units Slot 1 01FF40CB Max Units Slot 2 010040CB No Units Slot 2 01FF5ECB Max Units Slot 3 01005ECB No Units Slot 3 01FF6CCB Max Units Slot 4 01006CCB No Units Slot 4 01FF6ACB Max Units Slot 5 01006ACB No Units Slot 5

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