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Street Fighter 2

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
Last Updated: 9/9/99.

Sent in by Pinkachu at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! 010200C0 P1 Always Ryu 010200C1 P2 Always Ryu 010400C0 P1 Always Ken 010400C1 P2 Always Ken 010600C0 P1 Always Chun-Li 010600C1 P2 Always Chun-Li 010800C0 P1 Always Guile 010800C1 P2 Always Guile 010A00C0 P1 Always Zangief 010A00C0 P2 Always Zangief 010C00C0 P1 Always Blanka 010C00C1 P2 Always Blanka 010E00C0 P1 Always Balrog 010E00C1 P2 Always Balrog 011000C0 P1 Always Sagat 011000C1 P2 Always Sagat 011200C0 P1 Always M. Bison 011200C1 P2 Always M. Bison 0120C0C1 P2 Invincible 0118E6C0 P1 Messed-Up 0118E6C1 P2 Messed-Up 015A3BC0 P1 Can Walk On Air 015A3BC0 P2 Can Walk On Air
0120C0C1 Infinite Energy P2

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