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F-Zero Maximum Velocity

Books: Game Boy Advance Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Sent in by The Duckfather 0992EAADDA278D77 Must Be On C94521545A4B1997 D9D4998F152D4A61 3 Turbos-Hot Violet E434ECE39154DBB6 All Vehicles 4596CC29E74B1DB2 Infinite Hlth-Fireball E8B2FD9CBF93C0E4 Infinite Hlth-Hot Violet E8B2FD9CBF93C0E4 Infinite Hlth-Hot Violet A51D3134FEF37D8C Infinite Hlth-JB Crystal E8B2FD9CBF93C0E4 Infinite Hlth-Wind Walker EAF0A27A7568AFD0 Instint Win-Fireball F9D5FA8EDE5EAB99 Instint Win-Hot Violet FFB6A96FBF6BC388 Instint Win-JB Crystal F9D5FA8EDE5EAB99 Instint Win-Wind Walker B502F478D671610C Throttle Open 99B16610BC598AD8

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