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NFL Blitz 20-02

Books: Game Boy Advance Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Sent in by The Duckfather 375E7031D6482502 Must Be On 234F34E5DA604CAF 05DC6B2B8CAC8F30 0:00 Left BF489B6F42989538 Always 1st Down 0D29FAD03ADEA1C0 Always 4th Down 8E4E896894F3E561 Team 1 Infinite Turbo 8E4E896894F3E561 Team 1 Infinite Turbo 6C4B927385E235C4 Team 1 Scores 0 A91C3DD59D4038E2 Team 1 Scores 200 742E6355D2AAE682 Team 2 Scores 0 8015DB75CE353B26 Team 2 Scores 200 7896079427667199 Press GS Button for Slow

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