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X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse

Books: Game Boy Advance Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Sent in by The Duckfather E85E92CDECAD6381 Must Be On EB2FBB9A8BA0187A B1CB0EFC54338EF4 Always Have Mutant Power 3E9D1E974700C7C3 Infinite Health 2992BC498BAEC33F Infinite Lives 294D885516291FC0 Infinite Time 96E955B602BCEF39 For the rest of the codes, after the game loads, Turn the GS switch to OFF position, and turn it back ON once your in the actual level and turn the switch OFF again. 89EC6812606CD6EA Play As Acolyte B7CE72C554B0FD1A Play As Apocalypse 130F08DEECC4C9E6 Play As Aranger FD5F1B74C273C8AC Play As Arch Angel 18974FB49922FE77 Play As Beast 4612231A5E75DC76 Play As Bishop 5DF6D05120BB4377 Play As Blob 845F9FD02AFBFD22 Play As Cable 7DF88F9FC9176A27 Play As Colossus 2A61FF55EC51F2F1 Play As Gambit A7402A0DB4CB0E52 Play As Juggernaut E39AF653AE002035 Play As Magneto 94AACC2DFCE41B82 Play As Nightercrawler 9290184C89E068FC Play As Pheonix C58D2E5FD044E567 Play As Psylocke 59801ED9451556DB Play As Pyro 414DC3F3CCF5EDC8 Play As Sabertooth 88968AD6F550E08C Play As Sauron 39630744E19F704D Play As Sentinal 42B4F4875C8ACB2B Play As Silver Samuri E1C0284840EDADE3 Play As Weapon Omega

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