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Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 4/22/99.

810E9652 0005     Infinite Lives
810E92D8 42B0     Infinite Health
810E92E6 03E8     Infinite Wrist Laser
810E92EA 03E8     Infinite Photon Phaser
810E92EE 03E8     Infinite Shotgun
810E92F2 03E8     Infinite Green Phaser
810E92F6 03E8     Infinite Machine Gun
810E92FA 03E8     Infinite Smoke Gun
810E92FE 03E8     Infinite Pistol
810E9302 03E8     Infinite Guided Missiles
810E9306 03E8     Infinite Stretch Laser
810E930A 03E8     Infinite Grenades
810E930E 03E8     Infinite Machine Plasma
810E964A 270F     Max Bonus
800E92E0 0001     Always Have 1st Key
800E92E1 0001     Always Have 2nd Key
800E92E2 0001     Always Have 3rd Key

810E92E0 0101     Have All Keys
800E92E2 0001

810E92E6 03E8     Infinite Ammo
810E92EA 03E8
810E92EE 03E8
810E92F2 03E8
810E92F6 03E8
810E92FA 03E8
810E92FE 03E8
810E9302 03E8
810E9306 03E8
810E930A 03E8
810E930E 03E8

810E92D6 xxxx     Score Modifier
Replace xxxx with any number 0-9 or any letter A-F

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