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Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition

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Last Updated: 5/27/00.

1-Player Mode Codes

80171131 0000 P1 Never Gets Bubbles 80173601 0006 CPU Always Gets Bubbles 80173601 0000 CPU Never Gets Bubbles 8117AAFC 0000 Infinite Time To Set Pieces P1 80171125 000A Screen Never Fills Over Time P1

2-Player Mode Codes

801710BD 0006 P1 Always Gets Bubbles 801710BD 0000 P1 Never Gets Bubbles 8117B8F4 0000 Infinite Time To Set Pieces P1 801710B1 000A Screen Never Fills Over Time P1 8017358D 0006 P2 Always Gets Bubbles 8017358D 0000 P2 Never Gets Bubbles 81178168 0000 Infinite Time To Set Pieces P2 80173581 000A Screen Never Fills Over Time P2 8116D100 0001 Have Another World (Puzzle Game)

Destruction Derby 64

80095CC8 0001 Have The Junkyard (Multi) 80095CC9 0001 Have Aztec Ruins (Multi) 80095CCA 0001 Urban Mayhem (Multi) 80095CCB 0001 Ground Zero (Multi)

The Junkyard Codes

80205B8B 00BE Infinite Health P1 80205B8B 0000 No Health P1 8021505F 00BE Infinite Health P2 8021505F 0000 No Health P2

Aztec Ruins Codes

801FC437 00BE Infinite Health P1 801FC437 0000 No Health P1 80217C5F 00BE Infinite Health P2 80217C5F 0000 No Health P2

Urban Mayhem Codes

8021779F 00BE Infinite Health P1 8021779F 0000 No Health P1 80235E5F 00BE Infinite Health P2 80235E5F 0000 No Health P2

Ground Zero Codes

801F64D7 00BE Infinite Health P1 801F64D7 0000 No Health P1 80211D1F 00BE Infinite Health P2 80211D1F 0000 No Health P2

Seascape Sprint Codes

D02D4C24 0080 Infinite Health P1 812D4C33 00E1 D02D4C24 0080 No Health P1 812D4C33 0000

Metro Challenge Codes

D02EDB18 0080 Infinite Health P1 802EDB27 00E1 D02EDB18 0080 No Health P1 802EDB27 0000

Terminal Impact Codes

D02B5AA3 0080 Infinite Health P1 802B5AB2 00E1 D02B5AA3 0080 No Health P1 802B5AB2 0000

Destruction Junction Codes

D029A9B0 0080 Infinite Health P1 8029A9BF 00E1 D029A9B0 0080 No Health P1 8029A9BF 0000

Midnyte Rumble Codes

D030C70B 0080 Infinite Health P1 8030C71A 00E1 D030C70B 0080 No Health P1 8030C71A 0000

Bayou Run Codes

D0285E7C 0080 Infinite Health P1 80285E8B 00E1 D0285E7C 0080 No Health P1 80285E8B 0000

Alpine Ridge Codes

D02B9D24 0080 Infinite Health P1 802B9D33 00E1 D02B9D24 0080 No Health P1 802B9D33 0000

Sunset Canyon Codes

D0303A68 0080 Infinite Health P1 80303A77 00E1 D0303A68 0080 No Health P1 80303A77 0000 811238C4 ???? Music Modifier (0000, 3DCC-4000) 811238C8 ???? Voice Modifier (0000, 3DCC-4000) 811238CC ???? SFX Modifier (0000, 3DCC-4000) 80125FD9 0026 Infinite Health/Damage Meter At first the meter looks like normal but after you get damage the meter scrolls down all the way thus giving you infinite health/damage meter.

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