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Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 3/24/01.

8029939B 00??     Max Garibs Modifier
80316280 00??     "Pirates" Boss's Energy Modifier 
801E65C7 00??     Modify Music Volume Modifier (00-A0) 
801E65C3 00??     Modify Sound FX Volume Modifier (00-A0) 
80290197 0003     Infinite Health
80290193 0005     Infinite Lives
8028FC07 0000     Infinite Double Jumps

8129018A xxxx     Score Modifier
Replace xxxx with any number 0-9 or letter A-F

D02AE905 0020     L Button For Moon Jump
81290334 43E0

8829018F 00xx     GS Button For Gems Modifier
Replace xx with any number 0-9 or letter A-F

811EC7B2 04F3     Camera Rotate R
811EC7B0 3F35
811EC7B4 3F35
811EC7B6 04F3

811EC7B2 04F3     Camera Rotate L
811EC7B0 BF35
811EC7B4 3F35
811EC7B6 04F3

81297BEC ????     Activate Cheat Modifier 1

Replace ?? with:

0080     Level Select ?
0100     Open Portals
0200     Open Levels
0380     All Of The Above

81297BEE ????     Activate Cheat Modifier 2

Replace ?? with:

0002     Call Ball (Press L)
0008     Infinite Lives
0040     Infinite Energy
0200     Big Ball
024A     All Of The Above

802901E3 00??     R Button Action Modifier (Infinite Usage) 

Replace ?? with:

00     Freeze Enemy Spell
01     Death Spell
02     Frog Spell
03     Walk On Walls Spell
04     Big Glover Spell
05     Unknown Tree Spell?
06     Helicopter Spell
07     Enemy Ball Spell
08     Purple Bouncy Ball Spell
09     Tiny Black/Grey Ball Spell
0A     Beach Ball Spell
0B     Hovering Ball Spell
0C     Green Ball Spell
0D     Super Call Ball Spell
0E     Call Ball Spell
0F     Nothing

Infinite Magic Codes (On Pick Up)

8129019E 03FF Freeze Enemy Spell 812901A2 03FF Death Spell 812901A6 03FF Frog Spell 812901AA 03FF Walk On Walls Spell 812901AE 03FF Big Glover Spell 812901B2 03FF Unknown Tree Spell? 812901B6 03FF Helicopter Spell 812901BA 03FF Enemy Ball Spell 812901BE 03FF Purple Bouncy Ball Spell 812901C2 03FF Tiny Black/Grey Ball Spell 812901C6 03FF Beach Ball Spell 812901CA 03FF Hovering Ball Spell 812901CE 03FF Green Ball Spell 812901D2 03FF Super Call Ball Spell 812901D6 03FF Call Ball Spell 811ED680 ???? Gravity Modifier (3E00-4000) 811EC7E0 0078 Fish Eye

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