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Ken Griffey Jr's Slugfest

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 11/4/00.

DE061600 0000     Enable Code (Must Be On)

8021AC48 0000     Infinite Strikes

D021AC48 0000     1 Strike And You Are Out
8021AC48 0002

D021AC48 0000     2 Strikes And You Are Out
8021AC48 0001

8021AC47 0000     Infinite Balls

D021AC47 0000     1 Ball And You Walk
8021AC47 0003

D021AC47 0000     2 Balls And You Walk
8021AC47 0002

D021AC47 0000     3 Balls And You Walk
8021AC47 0001

8021AC41 0000     Infinite Outs

D021AC41 0000     1 Out And You Are Out
8021AC41 0002

D021AC41 0000     2 Outs And You Are Out
8021AC41 0001

80104E5D xxxx     Away Team Score Modifier
80104EFC xxxx     Home Team Score Modifier
80104E5F xxxx     Away Team Hits Modifier
80104EFE xxxx     Home Team Hits Modifier
80104E61 xxxx     Away Team Errors Modifier
80104E60 xxxx     Home Team Errors Modifier
Replace xxxx with any number 0-9 or letter A-F 

81106252 ????     Enable Cheat Modifier

Replace ???? with:
0001     Thin Players
0002     Invisible Players
0004     Flat Players
0008     Tick-Bodied Players
0020     Tiny Players
0040     Weeble Wobble Players
0080     Big Feet
0200     Big Head
0400     Computer vs. Computer
07FF     All Of The Above

Character Creation Codes

8105D6D8 4120 Max Batting 8105D270 4120 Max Power 8105CE68 4120 Max Speed 8105CA60 4120 Max Defense 8105C5F8 4120 Max Arm Strength 8105C098 4120 Max Durability 8105BB98 4120 Max Clutch 8105B760 4120 Max Control 8105B2F8 4120 Max Stamina 8105AE90 4120 Max Pitch Speed 81059408 420C Infinite Creation Points

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