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Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 11/4/00.

DE000400 0000     Enable Code (Must Be On)

81143222 0100     Unlock Hidden Teams
813F4CA6 0000     Home Team Score 0
813F1926 0000     Away Team Score 0
8012AA07 00FF     Infinite Shot Clock
800CE843 0001     Disco Court
801431D7 00??     Away Team Modifier
801431A7 00??     Home Team Modifier
800B4857 0001     Big Head Mode
800B485B 0001     Tiny Players

800B4853 0001     Alien Team
With this code, select Left Field Lefties team to have an alien head team.

803F4CA4 0009     Infinite Time Outs Home Team 
803F1924 0009

81121D12 0100     Infinite Turbo Home Team
81121EEE 0100
811220CA 0100
811222A6 0100
81122482 0100

8112265E 0100     Infinite Turbo Away Team
8112283A 0100
81122A16 0100
81122BF2 0100
81122DCE 0100

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