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Magical Tetris

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Last Updated: 9/2/00.

811D267E CC0C     Always Get 'Normal' Pieces 
811D7A3A 0000     Show Your Stats (Endless Tetris 2P-Box) 
811D267E DB20     Always Get Magical Tetris Pieces 
801D25F4 0000     Always Get Straight Pieces 
811D26A6 FFFF     Quick Score Gain

811D2646 xxxx     Lines Got Modifier
811D261E xxxx

Replace xxxx with any number 0-9 or letter A-F 

811D267E CC0C     Normal' Piece Modifier
801D25F4 00xx

Replace xx with:
00     Straight Piece
01     Orange 'L'
02     Blue 'L'
03     Green 'Z'
04     Purple 'Z'
05     Blue 'T'
06     Yellow Square

811D267E DB20     Magical' Piece Modifier
801D25F4 00xx

Replace xx with:
00     White Straight Piece
01     Blue Straight Piece

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