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Mischief Makers

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 4/22/99.

810ED0E0 03E8     Infinite Health
8916F546 FFFF     GS Button For First 16 Gold Gems 
8916F544 FFFF     GS Button For Second 16 Gold Gems 
8916F542 FFFF     GS Button For Third 16 Gold Gems 
81175B66 270F     Infinite Red Gems
801D4466 FFFF     Double Marina
80012501 0000     Your Camera Scrolls To The End Of The Level Medium-Paced
80012501 0001     Your Camera Scrolls To The End Of The Level Slowly
801C44EF FFFF     Level Select Screen Has A Blue + White Background/Glitchy 
Marina/Long-nose "Chilly Dog" 
801D4464 FFFF     Floating/Glitchy Marina In Level 3-1 
801D4464 0001     Invisible Wall In Level 3-1 
801D4544 FFFF     Marina Can't Go Anywhere In Levels 3-7 & 3-5/Invisible Wall 
In Level 3-4
801C5521 FFFF     (At Intro) Old Man Looks Evil 
801C4551 FFFF     (At Intro) REALLY Smeared Old Man/Different Blue Background

D0183A35 0001     C-Right For Quick Speed Right
810ED0DC 0008

D0183A35 0002     C-Left For Quick Speed Left

D0183A35 0008     C-Up For Quick Speed Up
810ED0F0 0006

D0183A35 0001     C-Right For Quicker Speed Right
810ED0DC 0010

D0183A35 0002     C-Left For Quicker Speed Left

88175B85 00xx     GS Button For World Modifier 

Replace xx with

02     World 1
0C     World 2
18     World 3
25     World 4
31     World 5

88175B87 00xx     GS Button For Level Modifier

Replace xx with

00     Level 1
01     Level 2
02     Level 3
03     Level 4
04     Level 5
05     Level 6
06     Level 7
07     Level 8
08     Level 9
09     Level 10
0A     Level 11
0B     Level 12

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