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Mortal Kombat 4

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 6/4/99.

800FE19C A3B4     Stay On Character Screen Forever 
8114A94D 9700     Faster Fatality Finish
8014A96D 0000     Undo Fatalities
800FE293 0010     Kitana In Mortal Kombat 4!
8004938B 0002     Add "Restart This Match" Option To The Arcade Mode Pause Menu
810F8506 0063     Infinite Credits P1
810F8506 0000     No Credits P1
81126F42 0001     P1 Always Meat
81126F41 0000     P1 Never Meat
810FE736 FFFF     Fake max health P1
810FE044 0001     Fake Infinite Run P1
800FE27F 0063     P1 has 99 wins
8111DEBE 0001     Fight Word Always Repeating 
8010511B 0063     Infinite Time
8010511B 0000     No Time
80126F73 0014     Infinite Time to Choose Characters 
80126F73 0000     No Time to Choose Characters
8004938B 0002     Add "Restart This Match" Option To The Arcade Mode Pause Menu
8004A81C 0005     The Forest, Prison, Snake, and Tomb Stages Are Upside-Down
8001B722 0001     Background/Characters/Weapons Ocasionally Disapear
800493BC 007F     2,130,706,435 Continues
800493B0 007F     2,130,706,434 Rounds To Win 
80048CEA 0001     No music at start up
80048CF1 0001     P1 cannot pause, restart, or quit match 
80048CE1 0001     Can only select arcade, cant quit or restart match
80048C28 002F     Bright Characters and Dark Lifebars 
80048C80 0001     P2 has no shadow
80048C65 0060     Shadows go into the Background 
80048C65 0050     Stretched Shadows
80048C65 0000     Connected Shadows
80048C65 00F0     Black Spotlight on P2
80048C65 00FF     Black Lazer Shadow
80048C0F 0099     Shadows change color
80048C86 00FF     Blinking Shadow Rays
80048C0D 0059     No shadows
80048C08 0099     Dark Shadows
80048C20 0077     Light Shadows
80048C80 002F     Ghost Mode
80048C27 00FF     Wire frame shadows
80048C28 00FF     Invisible Life bar and Characters 
80048C0F 00FF     Holy Fighters
80048CB1 FFFF     Go directly to practice menu

Cheat Menu

80048CBF 0000 Have Endings Off 80048CBF 0001 Have Endings On 80048CC3 0000 Have Fatalities 1 Off 80048CC3 0001 Have Fatalities 1 On 80048CC7 0000 Have Fatalities 2 Off 80048CC7 0001 Have Fatalities 2 On 80048CCB 0000 Have Level Fatalities Off 80048CCB 0001 Have Level Fatalities On 800FE293 0010 Player 1 80126E8F 0010 Player 2 Make both characters Kitana using your Game Shark , then wait until the demo is shown, then it will be Kitana vs Kitana. There is an error if you try to use KITANA in one player mode if she appears on the tower, so use in TWO player mode for right now or pic a tower without her picture. D01050F3 0000 P1 1 round to win 801050F3 0001 810FE0D8 0001 Infinite Health P1 810FE0DA 0000 D00FE0D9 0001 25% Health P1 810FE0D8 0000 D00FE0D9 0001 810FE0DA 4000 D00FE0D9 0001 50% Health P1 810FE0D8 0000 D00FE0D9 0001 810FE0DA 8000 D00FE0D9 0001 75% Health P1 810FE0D8 0000 D00FE0D9 0001 810FE0DA C000 D00FE0D9 0001 1-Hit Death P1 810FE0D8 0000 D00FE0D9 0001 810FE0DA 0001 810FE0D8 0000 No Health P1 810FE0DA 0000 81104FCC 0001 Infinite Run P1 81104FCE 0000 81104FCC 0000 No Run P1 81104FCE 0000 810FE27E 00xx Total Wins Modifier P1 Replace xx with any number from 0-F 81126F54 0001 Infinite Health P2 81126F56 0000 D1126F55 0001 25% Health P2 81126F54 0000 D1126F55 0001 81126F56 4000 D1126F55 0001 50% Health P2 81126F54 0000 D1126F55 0001 81126F56 8000 D1126F55 0001 75% Health P2 81126F54 0000 D1126F55 0001 81126F56 C000 D1126F55 0001 1-Hit Death P2 81126F54 0000 D1126F55 0001 81126F56 0001 81126F54 0000 No Health P2 81126F56 0000 81105012 FFFF Fake max health P2 81126E54 0001 Fake Infinite Run P2 81105080 0001 Infinite Run P2 81105082 0000 81105080 0000 No Run P2 81105082 0000 810F84BA 0063 Infinite Credits P2 810F84BA 0000 No Credits P2 81126F46 0001 P2 Always Meat 81126F46 0000 P2 Never Meat 810FE09E 00xx Total Wins Modifier P2 Replace xx with any number from 0-F 800FE293 00xx P1 Character Modifier 80126E8F 00xx P2 Character Modifier Replace xx with: 00 Scorpion 01 Raiden 02 Sonya 03 Liu Kang 04 Sub-Zero 05 Fujin 06 Shinnok 07 Reiko 08 Quan Chi 09 Tanya 0A Reptile 0B Kai 0C Jarek 0D Jax 0E Johnny Cage 0F Goro 10 Kitana 11 Noob Saibot 81104F9A 00xx Always Fight Position Modifier (P1 & P2-Novice Only) Replace xx with: 01 1st 02 2nd 03 3rd 04 4th 05 5th 06 Goro 07 Shinnok 8104A4E2 00xx Costume Modifier P1 8104A4E6 00xx Costume Modifier P2 Replace xx with: 0 Normal 1 First 2 Second 3 Third 81126F6E 00xx Kombat Kode Modifier Replace xx with: 0000 Nothing 0001 Kode 2-Throwing Disabled 0002 Kode 1-Free Weapon 0004 Kode 3-Armed And Dangerous 0008 Kode 4-Silent Kombat 0010 Kode 5-Explosive Kombat 0020 Kode 6-Random Weapons 0040 Kode 7-No Power 0080 Kode 8-Many Weapons 0100 Kode 9-Ranper Kombat 0400 Kode 11-Weapon Kombat 0800 Kode 13-Noob Saibot Mode 1000 Kode 14-Red Rain 2000 Kode 15-Maximum Damage Disabled 4000 Kode 26-Unlimited Run 800493B5 00xx Blood Enabled Modifier Replace xx with: 00 Disabled 01 Enabled 800493B4 00xx Rumble Pak Enabled Modiifer Replace xx with: 00 Disabled 01 Enabled

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