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NFL Quarterback Club '98

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 4/22/99.

800AECD3 0090     Character Creation Points
890A4A26 0000     Press GS Button To Reset Timer To 0:00 
890A4A26 FFFF     Press GS Button To Reset Timer To A Huge Number 
800A6739 0000     0 Time To Choose Play
880A5376 0003     Press GS Button To Be On 3rd Down 
880A5376 0002     Press GS Button To Be On 2nd Down
80056B96 0000     No Time-Outs Home Team
80056F8E 0000     No Time-Outs Away Team
80056B96 0003     Infinite Timeouts Home Team
80056F8E 0003     Infinite Timeouts Away Team
880A4A26 012C     GS Button To Reset Timer To 5:00
800A6739 0028     Infinite Time To Choose A Play
880A5376 0001     GS Button For 1st Down
880A5376 0004     GS Button For 4th Down

81049454 xxxx     Enable Cheat Modifier 1

Replace xxxx with:
0001     Always Catch The Ball
0002     Super Turbo Mode
0004     Short, Fat Players
0008     Tall, Skinny Players
0010     Giant Players
0020     Midget Players
0040     Wimpy Players
0080     Fumble Mode
0100     Max Defense
0200     Max Offense
0400     Max Acceleration
0800     Max Agility
1000     Awesome Quarterbacks
2000     Run Faster
4000     Pumps You Up
8000     Super Team Mode
FFFF     All Of The Above

81049456 xxxx     Enable Cheat Modifier 2

Replace xxxx with:
0008     Spinning Ball Carrier
0010     Max Discipline And Awareness
0020     Always Catch The Ball
0100     Can Kick, Throw & Punt 100 Yards
0200     Up And Over Madness
0400     Extra Downs
0800     Slippery Field
1000     No Turnovers
2000     Tackle Always
4000     Computer Won't Tackle Ball Carrier
8000     Slow Motion Mode

81049458 xxxx     Enable Cheat Modifier 3

Replace xxxx with:
0001     Electric Football
0008     Players Crawl
0080     Bonus Teams
2000     Dive Farther
4000     Weak Offense
8000     Defense stinks

8104945A xxxx     Enable Cheat Modifier 4

Replace xxxx with:
4000     Always Tip The Ball
8000     Snow Sled Mode

Character Creation Codes

880B0B97 0064 GS Button For Max. Speed 880B0B99 0064 GS Button For Max. Strength 880B0B9B 0064 GS Button For Max. Agility 880B0B9D 0064 GS Button For Max. Aware 880B0B9F 0064 GS Button For Max. Discipline 880B0BA1 0064 GS Button For Max. Endurance 880B0BA3 0064 GS Button For Max. Pass Acc. 880B0BA5 0064 GS Button For Max. Pass Rng.

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