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Nightmare Creatures

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 8/6/99.

810A4BAE 0009     Infinite Spider Cards
810A4BB0 0009     Infinite Proximity Mines
810A4BB2 0009     Infinite Repulsive Smoke
810A4BB4 0009     Infinite Freeze Spell
810A4BB6 0009     Infinite Dynamite
810A4BB8 0009     Infinite Flash
810A4BBA 0009     Infinite Fire Bombs
810A4BBC 0009     Infinite Multi-Gun
810A4BBE 0009     Infinite Berzerkers
810A4BC0 0009     Infinite Super Healing
810A4BC2 0009     Infinite Healing
810A4BC4 0009     Infinite Chaos
810A4BC6 0009     Infinite Gun
800A4B53 0009     Infinite Lives

810B96EC XXXX     Brightness Modifier

Replace XXXX with:
7FFF     Very Well Lit Up
8000     Very Dark

50000D02 0000     Infinite Ammo (GS 3.0+ Required)
800A4BAF 0009

810978B0 00xx     Level Modifier

D00978B1 0000     Start on Level Modifier
810978B0 00xx

Replace xx with:
00     Chelsea
01     Spitafields
02     Thames Tunnel
03     Sewer Snake
04     India Docks
05     Highgate Cemetery
06     Hampstead Heath
07     Queenhite Docks
08     City
09     Smithfield
0A     Snowman
0B     Regent's
0C     London Zoo
0D     St. Marilebone
0E     Bloomsbury
0F     Pimlico
10     Jose Manuel
11     Westminister
12     Westminister II
13     The Roofs
14     Map

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