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Ridge Racer 64

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 3/24/01.

811269CA 0700     Infinite Time
81056444 0001     Always Have 1st Place

81119758 3FC0     Enlarge Cars
811197AC 3FC0
81119800 3FC0

80119758 003E     Shrink Cars
801197AC 003E
80119800 003E

80119758 003D     Microscopic Cars
801197AC 003D
80119800 003D

80119BB0 0039     2 Tier Cars

8811AB0F 0002     Gs Button For Overhead View

50001E08 0000     Enable All Engine Classes (All Levels) (GS 3.0 Or
Higher Needed!)
8102FAB0 0004
50001E08 0000
8102FAB2 0403

8102F314 ????     F/A Racing Car Stat Modifier For Speed (0000-05DC)
8102F316 ????     F/A Car Stat Mod For Acceleration
8102F318 ????     F/A Car Stat Mod For Handling
8102F31A ????     F/A Car Stat Mod For Grip
8102F31C ????     Rt Ryukyu Car Stat Modifier For Speed
8102F31E ????     Ryukyu Car Stat Mod For Acceleration
8102F320 ????     Ryukyu Car Stat Mod For Handling
8102F322 ????     Ryukyu Car Stat Mod For Grip
8102F324 ????     Pac Racing Car Stat Modifier For Speed
8102F326 ????     Pac Car Stat Mod For Acceleration
8102F328 ????     Pac Car Stat Mod For Handling
8102F32A ????     Pac Car Stat Mod For Grip
8102F32C ????     Rt Solvalou Car Stat Modifier For Speed
8102F32E ????     Solvalou Car Stat Mod For Acceleration
8102F330 ????     Solvalou Car Stat Mod For Handling
8102F332 ????     Solvalou Car Stat Mod For Grip

8002FA2B 00XX     F/A Racing Car Image Modifier
8002FA2F 00XX     Rt Ryukyu Car Image Modifier
8002FA33 00XX     Pac Racing Car Image Modifier
8002FA37 00XX     Rt Solvalou Car Image Modifier

811269CA 0700     Infinite Time
81056444 0001     Always Have 1st Place

RT Pink Mappy Car Codes

8102F334 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F336 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F338 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F33A ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA3B 00?? Car Image Modifier

RT Blue Mappy Car Codes

8102F33C ???? Speed Modifier 8102F33E ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F340 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F342 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA3F 00?? Car Image Modifier

Galaga RT Prid Car Codes

8102F344 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F346 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F348 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F34A ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA43 00?? Car Image Modifier

Galaga RT Carrot Car Codes

8102F34C ???? Speed Modifier 8102F34E ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F350 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F352 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA47 00?? Car Image Modifier

RT Bosconia Car Codes

8102F354 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F356 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F358 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F35A ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA4B 00?? Car Image Modifier

RT Nebulasray Car Codes

8102F35C ???? Speed Modifier 8102F35E ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F360 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F362 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA4F 00?? Car Image Modifier

RT Xevious Red Car Codes

8102F364 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F366 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F368 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F36A ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA53 00?? Car Image Modifier

RT Xevious Green Car Codes

8102F36C ???? Speed Modifier 8102F36E ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F370 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F372 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA57 00?? Car Image Modifier

Dig Racing Team Car Codes

8102F374 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F376 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F378 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F37A ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA5B 00?? Car Image Modifier

Micro Mouse Mappy Car Codes

8102F37C ???? Speed Modifier 8102F37E ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F380 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F382 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA5F 00?? Car Image Modifier

13th Racing Kid Car Codes

8102F384 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F386 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F388 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F38A ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA63 00?? Car Image Modifier

White Angel Car Codes

8102F38C ???? Speed Modifier 8102F38E ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F390 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F392 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA67 00?? Car Image Modifier

Digipen Racing Car Codes

8102F394 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F396 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F398 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F39A ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA6B 00?? Car Image Modifier

Absoluto Infinito Car Codes

8102F39C ???? Speed Modifier 8102F39E ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3A0 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3A2 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA6F 00?? Car Image Modifier

Age Solo Supernova Car Codes

8102F3A4 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3A6 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3A8 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3AA ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA73 00?? Car Image Modifier

Atomic Purple Car Codes

8102F3AC ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3AE ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3B0 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3B2 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA77 00?? Car Image Modifier

Extreme Green Car Codes

8102F3B4 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3B6 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3B8 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3BA ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA7B 00?? Car Image Modifier

Terrazi Terrific Car Codes

8102F3BC ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3BE ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3C0 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3C2 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA7F 00?? Car Image Modifier

Lizard Nightmare Car Codes

8102F3C4 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3C6 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3C8 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3CA ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA83 00?? Car Image Modifier

Screamin' Eagle Car Codes

8102F3CC ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3CE ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3D0 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3D2 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA87 00?? Car Image Modifier

Ultra 64 Car Codes

8102F3D4 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3D6 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3D8 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3DA ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA8B 00?? Car Image Modifier

00-Agent Car Codes

8102F3DC ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3DE ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3E0 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3E2 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA8F 00?? Car Image Modifier

Galaga '88 Car Codes

8102F3E4 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3E6 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3E8 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3EA ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA93 00?? Car Image Modifier

Blinky Car Codes

8102F3EC ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3EE ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3F0 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3F2 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA97 00?? Car Image Modifier

Red Shirt Rage Car Codes

8102F3F4 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3F6 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F3F8 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F3FA ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA9B 00?? Car Image Modifier

Crazy Canuck Car Codes

8102F3FC ???? Speed Modifier 8102F3FE ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F400 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F402 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FA9F 00?? Car Image Modifier

Caddy Car Codes

8102F404 ???? Speed Modifier 8102F406 ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F408 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F40A ???? Grip Modifier 8002FAA3 00?? Car Image Modifier

Pooka Car Codes

8102F40C ???? Speed Modifier 8102F40E ???? Acceleration Modifier 8102F410 ???? Handling Modifier 8102F412 ???? Grip Modifier 8002FAA7 00?? Car Image Modifier 811269CA 0700 Infinite Time 81056444 0001 Always Have 1st Place

Grand Prix Mode Codes

8113CF5A 00?? Car Modifier Replace ?? with: 00 F/A Racing 01 RT Ryukyu 02 PAC Racing 03 RT Solvalou 04 RT Pink Mappy 05 RT Blue Mappy 06 Galaga RT Prid's 07 Galaga RT Carrot 08 RT Bosconian 09 RT Nebulasray 0A RT Xevious Red 0B RT Xevious Green 0C Dig Racing Team 0D Micro Mouse Mappy 0E 13th Racing Kid 0F White Angel 10 Digipen Racing 11 Assoluto Infinito 12 Age Solo Supernova 13 Atomic Purple 14 Extreme Green 15 Terrazi Terrific 16 Lizard Nightmare 17 Screamin' Eagle 18 Ultra 64 (Full Stats) 19 00-Agent 1A Galaga' 88 1B Blinky 1C Red Shirt Rage 1D Crazy Canuck 1E Caddy Car 1F Pooka 20 Trophy Room 21 Ridge Racer Novice 22 Revolution Novice 23 Renegade Novice 24 Ridge Racer Intermediate 25 Revolution Intermediate 26 Renegade Intermediate 27 Ridge Racer Expert 28 Revolution Expert 29 Renegade Expert 2A Ridge Racer Extreme 8113CF6A 00?? Track Modifier Replace ?? with: 00 Ridge Racer Novice 01 Revolution Novice 02 Renegade Novice 03 Ridge Racer Intermediate 04 Revolution Intermediate 05 Renegade Intermediate 06 Ridge Racer Expert 07 Revolution Expert 08 Renegade Expert

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