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Road Rash 64

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 9/2/00.

801C00D7 0001     Infinite X2 Strength P1
801C00D7 0002     Infinite X4 Strength P1
801C06C7 0001     Infinite X2 Strength P1
801C06C7 0002     Infinite X4 Strength P1
810D859E 00??     Batteries Modifier
810D85A2 00??     Accident Modifier 1
810D85A6 00??     Accident Modifier 2
810D7856 0000     Always Place 1st P1
810D786A ????     Points Modifier P1
810D78CE ????     Points Modifier P2
810D7932 ????     Points Modifier P3
810D7996 ????     Points Modifier P4
810A77D6 0001     Have All Tracks
810A77D4 0001     Scooter Mode
810A77D8 0001     Cop Mode
810A77C8 0001     Debug Info? On Screen
810A77DA 0001     Start With Club
810D6A7A FFFF     Infinite Money

811B8A38 42F0     Infinite Health For Bike P1
811B8A3C 42F0

811BFE10 4489     Infinite Health P1
811BFE12 8000

811B92A0 42F0     Infinite Health For Bike P2
811B92A4 42F0

811C0400 4489     Infinite Health P2
811C0402 8000

800D6A5F 00??     Bike Type Modifier (Big Game Mode Only) 
Replace ?? with:

05     Sport/Racer (Dumotos, FireCrackers)
06     Hog/Cruiser (Rattlers, Razorbacks, Executioner & Hammerhead) 

811B8D7A 0505     Have Infinite/All Weapons P1
811B8D7C 0505
811B8D7E 0505
811B8D80 0505
811B8D82 0505
811B8D84 0505
811B8D86 0505
811B8D88 0505
811B8D8A 0505
811B8D8C 0505
811B8D8E 0505
811B8D90 0505
811B8D92 0505
811B8D94 0505

50000E02 0000     Have Infinite/All Weapons P1 (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)
811B8D7A 0505

801C00B3 00XX     Weapon Modifier P1
801C06A3 00XX     Weapon Modifier P2
801C0C93 00XX     Weapon Modifier P3
801C1283 00XX     Weapon Modifier P4

Replace XX with:
01     Fists
02     Spiked Club
03     Tiring Iron
04     Bat
05     Billie Club
06     Sledge Hammer
07     Pool Cue
08     Monkey Wrench
09     Banana
0A     Cattle Prod
0B     Taser
0C     Bace
0D     Nunchuk
0E     Chain

800D6A57 00XX Bike Modifier (Big Game Mode Only)
Replace XX with.
19     Executioner (Cruiser)
1A     Hammerhead (Sport)

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