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Starcraft 64

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
Last Updated: 5/18/02.

Note: You must have a 3.0 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes.

F109BA54 1000     Enable Code (Must Be On)

Infinite Minerals

810B1D46 FFFF Team 1 810B1D4A FFFF Team 2 810B1D4E FFFF Team 3 810B1D52 FFFF Team 4 810B1D56 FFFF Team 5 810B1D5A FFFF Team 6 810B1D5E FFFF Team 7 810B1D62 FFFF Team 8 810B1D66 FFFF Team 9 810B1D6A FFFF Team 10 810B1D6E FFFF Team 11 810B1D72 FFFF Team 12

Max Minerals

810B1D44 3B9A Team 1 810B1D46 C9FF 810B1D48 3B9A Team 2 810B1D4A C9FF 810B1D4C 3B9A Team 3 810B1D4E C9FF 810B1D50 3B9A Team 4 810B1D52 C9FF 810B1D54 3B9A Team 5 810B1D56 C9FF 810B1D58 3B9A Team 6 810B1D5A C9FF 810B1D5C 3B9A Team 7 810B1D5E C9FF 810B1D60 3B9A Team 8 810B1D62 C9FF 810B1D64 3B9A Team 9 810B1D66 C9FF 810B1D68 3B9A Team 10 810B1D6A C9FF 810B1D6C 3B9A Team 11 810B1D6E C9FF 810B1D70 3B9A Team 12 810B1D72 C9FF

Infinite Vespene Gas

810B1D76 FFFF Team 1 810B1D7A FFFF Team 2 810B1D7E FFFF Team 3 810B1D82 FFFF Team 4 810B1D86 FFFF Team 5 810B1D8A FFFF Team 6 810B1D8E FFFF Team 7 810B1D92 FFFF Team 8 810B1D96 FFFF Team 9 810B1D9A FFFF Team 10 810B1D9E FFFF Team 11 810B1DA2 FFFF Team 12

Max Vespene Gas

810B1D74 3B9A Team 1 810B1D76 C9FF 810B1D78 3B9A Team 2 810B1D7A C9FF 810B1D7C 3B9A Team 3 810B1D7E C9FF 810B1D80 3B9A Team 4 810B1D82 C9FF 810B1D84 3B9A Team 5 810B1D86 C9FF 810B1D88 3B9A Team 6 810B1D8A C9FF 810B1D8C 3B9A Team 6 810B1D8E C9FF 810B1D90 3B9A Team 7 810B1D92 C9FF 810B1D94 3B9A Team 8 810B1D96 C9FF 810B1D98 3B9A Team 9 810B1D9A C9FF 810B1D9C 3B9A Team 10 810B1D9E C9FF 810B1DA0 3B9A Team 11 810B1DA2 C9FF 810B1DA4 3B9A Team 12 810B1DA6 C9FF

All Levels Complete

800D13C4 000C Terran Episode I 800D13C5 000A Zerg Episode II 800D13C6 000A Protoss Episode III 800D13C7 000A Protoss Episode IV 800D13C8 000A Terran Episode V 800D13C9 000A Zerg Episode VI

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