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Toy Story 2

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Last Updated: 3/4/00.

810BB10A 0005     Infinite Lives
810BB10E 0063     Max Coins
810BB106 000D     Infinite Battery
810BB0FC 0002     Infinite Double Jumps

D01F3F1C 0008     Press Up On Directional Pad To Have All Special
Weapons Open
810B86E8 001F

D00AC4DE 0000     Always Play Level Modifier
810AC4DE 00XX

D10AC4DE 0000     Start On Level Modifier
810AC4DE 00XX

Replace XX with: 
01     Andy's House
02     Andy's Neighborhood
03     Bomb's Away
04     Constrtuction Yard
05     Alley's And Gullies
06     Slime Time
07     Al's Toy Barn
08     Al's Space Land
09     Toy Barn Encounter
0A     Elevator Hop
0B     Al's Penthouse
0C     The Evil Empire Zurg
0D     Airport Infiltration
0E     Tarmac Trouble
0F     Prospector Showdown
10     Level 16
11     Level 17
12     Level 18
13     Level 19
14     Level 20
15     Level 21
16     Level 22

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