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Aero the Acro-Bat 2

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83873010     Jump higher 
8388F5AD     Drill as many times as you want without hitting the ground 
83A9BC03     Stars worth 3 
83A9BC05     Stars worth 5 
83A9BC07     Stars worth 7 
83AAD104     Double Drill icon lets you drill 4 times instead of 2
83AAD109     Double Drill icon lets you drill 9 times instead of 2
83AADA99     Double Drill icon lasts 99 seconds 
83ABE299     Flying icon worth 99 seconds of flight time 
83BE37AD     Almost infinite energy 
83DC2E00     Infinite shots 
85E88005     Can drill 5 times in the air until you pick up a drill icon 
85E88009     Can drill 9 times in the air until you pick up a drill icon 
85E95805     Start each life with maximum energy

8382C1FD     Move faster 

8382C1FC     Move even faster

83866EF8     Super jump when standing still

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