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Boxing Legends of the Ring

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009FCFAD     Infinite time per round (must get knockout)-- May have to 
turn off effects until after ring announcements 
80BA1FCE     Start on round 12 
80BA1FEE     Start on round 5 
80BA3800     Both fighters start with no super punches 
80BA3802     Both fighters start with 2 super punches 
80BA3803     Both fighters start with 3 super punches 
80BE0301     Each round is 1 minute 
80BE0302     Each round is 2 minutes
80BE0304     Each round is 4 minutes 
80BE0305     Each round is 5 minutes 
80BE0306     Each round is 6 minutes 
81864BAD     Infinite super punches for player 2 or computer
818F05AD     Infinite super punches for player 1
8BFEF480     Create a stronger left jab 
8BFEF680     Create a stronger left hook body 
8BFEF880     Create a stronger left hook head 
8BFEFA80     Create a stronger left uppercut 
8BFEFC80     Create a stronger right cross body 
8BFEFE80     Create a stronger right cross head 
8BFF0080     Create a stronger right uppercut

81D658AD     Infinite strength beads

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