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01C68280     No harm from most enemies 
04800E01     1 play per game instead of 3 - both players 
04800E02     2 plays per game - both players 
04800E04     4 plays per game - both players 
04800E05     5 plays per game - both players 
04800E07     7 plays per game - both players 
04800E09     9 plays per game - both players 
0482F3AD     Infinite plays - both players 
048E4CAD     Infinite credits - both players 
04ABD900     No credits - player 1 
04ABD901     1 credit instead of 3 - player 1 
04ABD902     2 credits - player 1 
04ABD905     5 credits - player 1 
04ABD907     7 credits - player 1 
04ABD909     9 credits - player 1 
04AC1400     No credits - player 2 
04AC1401     1 credit instead of 3 - player 2 
04AC1402     2 credits - player 2 
04AC1405     5 credits - player 2 
04AC1407     7 credits - player 2 
04AC1409     9 credits player 2 
04D23302     Collect 2 eggs for extra play instead of 50 
04D23305     Collect 5 eggs for extra play 
04D23310     Collect 10 eggs for extra play 
04D23325     Collect 25 eggs for extra play 
04D23375     Collect 75 eggs for extra play 
04D23399     Collect 99 eggs for extra play 
05802B3C     Clock runs faster
078C96F8     Rex jumps much higher 
078C96FA     Rex jumps higher 
07B8CDF8     Tops jumps much higher
07B8CDFA     Tops jumps higher 
07D4D7F8     Timmy and Jamie jump much higher 
07D4D7FA     Timmy and Jamie jump higher

05802C01     Clock runs much slower

05802BF0     Clock runs slower 
058055BD     Freeze clock - must switch off effects in bonus stage

05EADEAD     No harm if swallowed by a monster

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