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Fatal Fury

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00A70B18     Both players start with 1/4 health
00A70B30     Both players start with 1/2 health 
00A70B48     Both players start with 3/4 health 
00A73710     10 seconds to complete bonus rounds 
00A73730     30 seconds to complete bonus rounds 
00A73745     45 seconds to complete bonus rounds 
00A73760     60 seconds to complete bonus rounds 
00A73790     90 seconds to complete bonus rounds
00C459AD     Player 1 takes minimum damage 
00C4D6AD     Player 2 or computer takes minimum damage 
00C67801     Win 1 bout to win the match instead of 2 out of 3 
7E06F135     Infinite energy bar player one 
7E06F235     Infinite energy bar player two

0093AA03     Always fight Richard Myer

0093AA04     Always fight Michael Max

0093AA05     Always fight Duck King

0093AA06     Always fight Tung Fu Rue

0093AA07     Always fight Hwa Jai

0093AA08     Always fight Raiden

0093AA09     Always fight Billy Kane

0093AA0A     Always fight Geese Howard

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