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Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

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00CCF801     Start with 1 heart instead of 3 
00CCF805     Start with 5 hearts 
00CCF807     Start with 7 hearts 
00CCF80A     Start with 10 hearts 
01815F00     Start with 1 life instead of 3 
01815F06     Start with 7 lives 
01815F09     Start with 10 lives
01DF93AD     Infinite lives
01E202A9     No invincibility after getting hit 
01E207AD     Longer invincibility after getting hit 
01EEF9AD     Infinite magic--level 2 only
02FD3D01     Each gold coin worth 10 (if you pick up too much, 
you may lose it all)
03F43AAD     Protection from most hits (lose no hearts)-switch 
off if you get stuck

01DE0F14     Leap tall buildings in a single bound

01DE0F20     Mega jump

01DE0F2C     Super jump

02D015AD     Small heart fills health meter completely

02FD8C2B     Items in general store are free if you can afford them 

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