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Secret of Evermore

Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games

0DB60D80     Hero gains more experience points 
1EED743B     Boy gain a level after killing a enemy 
72918ADC     Boy starts with 99 of all alchemy ingredients 
77CA8B35     It makes 2 players to play (Caution graphics may mess up) 
7E230063     Get 99 water 
7E230163     Get 99 Vinegar 
7E230263     99 root 
7E230300     99 oil
7E232801     Start game with Virtual Vest 
8DB60D77     Greyhound gains level after one battle 
8DB60D80     Dog levels up after battle 
8DB60D83     Dog levels up after one kill 
8DB66D0F     Boy levels up after enemy killing an enemy. The boy gains a level 
after every enemy killed, but this code works only once so you have to Save and
Reset you game over to do the trick again... 
8DB707EE     Get almost everything! You get all the weapons plus almost all the
Alchemy spells. 
8DC60D80     Dog levels up after battle. (Works up to level 77)
8FAE7070     Walk Thru Walls 
8FBA6FB4     Potection from most enemies but not magic. 
BEB3B987     Unlimited use of ingredients 
CECCDEB5     Une hit the enemy dies 
F0BF5301     Boy and Dog start on level 99 
F0BF7301     Boy and Dog start on level 99 
F0BFB301     Dog starts on level 99 
FCBFB301     Boy starts with 99 of all alchemy formulas

00B00019     Get all weapons, 35 magics(33 in book), and all of the charms/rare items.

07F0E8A3     Potection from most enemies but not magic.

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