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Sonic Blast Man

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00809A03     Start with 11 lives
0095A5EE     Start on Stage 2 
009D5014     Start with 1/4 energy 
009D5028     Start with 1/2 energy 
009D503C     Start with 3/4 energy 
009F7914     Continue with 1/4 energy 
009F7928     Continue with 1/2 energy 
009F793C     Continue with 3/4 energy 
00A1E3AD     Protection against repeated hits on the head when an enemy is holding you 
00A9EAAD     Infinite dynamite punches 
00C15BAD     Protection against most enemy hits 
00C51900     Apple worth nothing 
00C51950     Apple restores energy fully 
00C52D00     Hamburger worth nothing 
00C52D50     Hamburger restores energy fully 
00C556AD     Super glove worth nothing 
00C70000     Start with 0 dynamite punches 
00C70005     Start with 5 dynamite punches 
00C70007     Start with 7 dynamite punches 
00C70009     Start with 9 dynamite punches 
00CBABAD     Infinite credits 
01C27600     Infinite lives

0095A58D     Start on stage 3

0095A58D     Start on stage 4

0095A58D     Start on stage

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