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Star Trek The Next Generation

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00804E01     Start with 2 lives 
00804E09     Start with 10 lives
0095BB24     Infinite lives
80DDC001     Start each away mission with 1 medical pack 
80DDC002     Start each away mission with 2 medical packs 
80DDC004     Start each away mission with 4 medical packs (only 3 shown) 
80DDC005     Start each away mission with 5 medical packs (only 3 shown) 
80DDCA0C     Start away missions with phasers at 1/4 power 
80DDCA18     Start away missions with phasers at 1/2 power 
80DDCA24     Start away missions with phasers at 3/4 power 
8281FA0F     Enemies have less energy 
8291302F     Abobo has less energy 
8296E82F     Big Blag has less energy 
829FC703     Roper has less energy 
82A37603     Robo-Manus has less energy
82B48780     Medical packs heal more
82B48802     Medical packs heal twice as much 
82B48803     Medical packs heal completely 
82C024BF     Crew members are immune to enemy fire Space Combat Codes 
82C81A00     Phaser power doesn't go down 
84833BAD     Aft torpedoes don't require recharging 
8483A4AD     Forward torpedoes don't require recharging 
84855EEA     Aft phasers never lose power 
8485C8EA     Forward phasers never lose power 
84892303     Torpedoes do half damage 
84892304     Torpedoes do less damage 
84892307     Torpedoes do slightly more damage 
84892308     Torpedoes do more damage 
84892309     Torpedoes do much more damage 
8489230C     Torpedoes do double damage
849CE2AD     Forward phasers don't recharge 
849CF8AD     Aft phasers don't recharge 
849D2700     Enemy shields don't regenerate 
849D2704     Enemy shields regenerate at 1/4 speed 
849D2708     Enemy shields regenerate at half speed 
849D2718     Enemy shields regenerate faster 
849DB401     Aft torpedoes reload much faster 
849DB402     Aft torpedoes reload faster 
849DD001     Forward torpedoes reload much faster 
849DD002     Forward torpedoes reload faster

00808B01     Start on level 2 with 11 lives

00808B02     Start on level 3 with 11 lives

00808B03     Start on level 4 with 11 lives

00808B04     Start on level 5 with 11 lives

00808B05     Start on level 6 with 11 lives

82B4B000     Medical packs aren't used up

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