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Yoshi's Safari

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80D3BEAD     Infinite lives
83B711AD     Don't lose coins when you miss a jump
83FC5CAD     Infinite time 
83FD1209     1-up with every coin after you get 10
83FD121E     1-up with every coin after you get 30 
83FD1262     1-up with every coin after you get 99 
8D813100     Start with 1 life 
8D813104     Start with 5 lives 
8D813109     Start with 10 lives 
8FA45601     1 minute for stage 1 instead of 4 
8FA45609     9 minutes for stage 1 
8FA45801     1 minute for stage 2 instead of 4 
8FA45809     9 minutes for stage 2 

90D16AAD     Almost infinite health

90D58B00     Infinite power

90D58B05     Lose power more slowly

90D58C01     Lose power more quickly

90D59D20     Gain power more slowly

90D59E01     Gain power more quickly

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